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Managed & Monitored Fleets

Seamless Integration 

Our cloud-based fleet management and monitoring framework adds much needed "control station" capabilities for an end to end deployment. Our partner integrated cloud layer enables real-time monitoring and remote human intervention in case of any emergencies. Analytics of the overall performance will make the robot fleet operations efficient and data driven

Deliveries for everyone

Contactless & Safe

We provide contactless deliveries by our robots over a secure cloud infrastructure, which ensures the safety of packages and its access to only designated end users.  Additional features like - inbuilt disinfection of packages, temperature control, and accommodating variable sizes can be additionally clubbed based on the target application

Autonomous Driving

Core Technology

The underlying autonomous tech is crafted for indoor and outdoor environments. The state of the art mapping and perception elements are unique to navigate in ever-changing surroundings.

Safety being the top priority, we ensure redundancies within the architecture to ensure fail safe contextual awareness and behaviors

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Adopt and scale

The subscription-based business model makes the cost of entry lower for our customers, making it flexible for quick adoption and generating high returns for organisations of all sizes. We understand the need of our customers hence customization, along with the continuous support in fleet maintenance and upgrades is ensured for fleet deployments. 

The relevance of our services is expandable to various businesses like: eCommerce, retail, healthcare, logistics companies, to name a few.

Come together and innovate..

Are you inspired by innovation, AI and Robotics? Is reasoning and solving problems through teamwork in your core DNA? Do you like transforming ideas into real world applications and create an impact?

If 'yes' to any of these then you'll fit right in at Ottonomy IO. We are a smart team of doers that work passionately to apply cutting edge advances in robotics and autonomous driving software and hardware to solve real-world challenges that will transform our customer's experiences in ways we shall dare to imagine together!!

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